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Why do you eat like that?

Do you ever wonder why it is that you can do extraordinary things by day
but you can’t say no to a bag of chips at night? 
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Meet Irene

Irene Pace

A uniquely transformative growth opportunity

I'm Irene. I'm a nutrition professional, and I like donuts (especially donuts with sprinkles on them). I used to feel conflicted about that. Well, not conflicted about liking donuts but more about inhaling donuts, in multiples, in secret, alone in my car. 

Who would have guessed my own desperate sugar-laden crisis was exactly what I needed to develop a unique introspective methodology to get at the root of what drives us to eat in impulsive ways.

In 20 years as a nutrition professional, I've counselled and coached in hospitals, clinics, corporations, and online with individuals across the globe. It turns out that our biggest battles with food are less about what we’re eating and more about what we’re thinking. 

A powerful shift occurs when you take on the mindset that the pull you feel to eat is there for a reason. Born out of a need. When you learn to discern that underlying need, you can use it to inform the best path forward.

I love the work I do so much because crafting a new relationship with food opens up opportunities for my clients throughout their lives - how they relate to their body, how they interact with their loved ones and friends, and how they respond to opportunities and challenges. I love the feeling when my clients reach major inflection points in their personal and business lives!

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